Sara Stone Rides Cop Cock

Some naughty role play with Sara as the sexy nurse!

Who doesn’t like a little role play? Well these two take it to the next level as they have their own costumes: cop vs nurse. She uses her big titties as the cure for everything that ails him, and he doesn’t last long under her expert care. He blasts his cum right on her giant melons, then fakes a call and takes off in a flash.

Sara Stone’s big titties get manhandled

Sara Stone reels in another one – Rocco just can’t resist her big titties!

Rocco gets what he wants, and when he sees Sara Stone’s big natural tits his hands and mouth are all over them. He manhandles those beauties and Sara just holds on for dear life until she can get his cock out and in her mouth. After that he fucks her until she’s dick drunk and takes a load of his spunk on her trophy titties. Once again, they’ve served their ultimate purpose.

Sara Stone all natural titties

Sara Stone shows off her big natural titties as she masturbates with a bizarre dildo sexy toy that reminds me of the sandworms of Arrakis. Double bonus nerd points if you got that.